About Me

In 2004 I was a passenger in a car accident in which I dislocated both of my shoulders and shattered both arms near the shoulder joint, then broke the windshield with my forehead. Miraculously, I survived. I knew right then that my survival meant that God had big plans for my life, but I had no idea at that time I would end up a massage therapist. It was a long, humbling, recovery as I had no use of my arms for the better part of a year. A lot of family & friends helped me in every way during that time. (Many thanks to them!)

After what I thought would be the worst thing ever to happen to my body, God blessed me with a new start. A wonderful & supportive husband of 10 years and a talent for massage therapy. Now I really understand chronic pain, soreness from physical therapy & exercise, sleepless nights, and having hardware in the body as I have a titanium plate and 7-8 screws in each arm. Thanks be to God for my body being restored!

These things, as well as other significant life occurrences, drive me to learn all I can in order to help others. If I am lacking in knowledge in an area you need help in, I will learn what I need to or refer you to a therapist with the appropriate skills & education.